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Outdoor Bootcamp

Bootcamp is back! The fun starts Tuesday, March 5th, 5:30pm at Cook & Dallas.
One month = $49 for three weekly outdoor classes
Join anytime!
REGISTER: online in MindBody, in the Online Store, udner Services, choose Membership Options, then "One Month Bootcamp" from the drop down menu.
Tuesday, April 2 Thursday, April 4 Saturday, April 6
Dallas & Cook Delta Ocean Point Willows Beach
Tuesday, April 9
Thursday, April 11 Saturday, April 13
Cordova Bay Elementary Sir James Douglas Mt Tolmie
Tuesday, April 16 Thursday, April 18 Saturday, April 20
McMinn Park Gyro Park Gonzales Beach
Tuesday, April 23 Thursday, April 25 Saturday, April 27
Mt Tolmie Dallas & Cook Mt Doug
Tuesday, April 30    
Willows Beach    

What is Bootcamp all about?

BDHQ BOOTCAMP is a full body conditioning program held in the great outdoors. As Victoria's very first outdoor program, we are truly the experts in outdoor group fitness. We train all levels, all ages and ensure every client gets an amazing and safe workout.

Beach runs, plyometrics, stairs, interval training, core, flexibility - you will do it all at Bootcamp. While running is a big component of these workouts, all beginners and/or anyone with injuries are welcome and encouraged to power walk.  

If you love the outdoors, you don't mind getting a big dirty, then you won't be disappointed. All levels welcome. Register on Johnson St only. Schedule to be posted shortly.



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