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Here are some fun events and programs at BDHQ.  If you’re interested in joining us on any of the events, please see the front desk for more information.

These families need our help! Join the BDHQ community in our annual effort to help three local families in need by donating non-perishable food items, unwrapped gifts, gift certificates and cash to make their holidays a little brighter. Items can be dropped off at BDHQ, 586 Johnson St and they'll be delivered to the families around December 15th. Thank you in advance for your generosity :)
Family #1
4 person family - mother and 3 kids

7 year old male: Clothing size 7/8, shoe size 1.  Gift ideas include Lego or SLIME kits.

11 year old female: Clothing size ladies small or Girls 14/16.  Shoe size 7.5.  Gift ideas include Art stuff or SLIME kits.

14 year old female: Clothing size ladies medium, shoe size 8.5.  Gift ideas include hair products (i.e heat spray) and GC's for clothes.

Family has no special needs and shops at Walmart.  

Family #2

4 person family - mom, stepparent and two kids
2 year old female: Clothing size 4/5, shoe size 10.  Gift ideas include barbies, bubble bath, coloring stuff.

6 year old male: Clothing size 7/8, shoe size 1.  Gift ideas include art supplies, Lego, Captain Underpants

Family has no special needs or requests.  They shop at Fairways.  

Family #3
Single mom of two boys with autism still living at home.

Mom - bus tickets, woman's large, shoe size 9, makeup, bath stuff, haircut, restaurant GC for the family, grocery GCs

16 year old male: art stuff, Sharpies, men L or XL, shoe size 10, elastic shoe laces, has bad eczema so nice cream of any kind.

24 year old male: Royal hockey tickets, men's large, shoe size 10, backpack, Tim Horton GC

16 year old has dairy allergy. 

January 2019
Tuesday, January 8 - first night of the TriSTART beginner triathlon program.

Wednesday, January 9 - first night of the new 4-month Run Clinic.  
Monday, January 21, 2019 - first night of Swim Strong at Esquimal Rec





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