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COVID-19 UPDATE #5: November 15, 2020

New Class Policy: Masks required when entering and exiting the studio.

You must now wear a mask when entering the studio. Please keep the mask on until you grab your equipment for class and get to your designated station, then you can take it off.
You must put the mask back on after your workout to return your sanitized equipment and exit the studio.
Thank you for your understanding!

COVID-19 UPDATE #5: October 22, 2020

New Policy: No-Show Fee
BDHQ wants to keep you safe AND healthy. We are proud of the efforts we have taken to keep you from sharing equipment with others and to keep you spaced out in our workouts. Due to these measures, class sizes are limited and coveted and we hate to see spots go to waste. People have been no-showing and it's not fair to us or to clients (YOU) to have spots in class go unused.
Effective immediately, there will be a $10 charge to your account for no-showing a class. You must cancel your spot within 12 hours of your booking.
Please know this is not a money grab. We hope no one ever has to pay this fee. We hope everyone books their workout and shows up to sweat with us! Thank you for your understanding as we navigate new ways of making all of this work for you.

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