Success Stories

Body Dynamics started in 1996 with Victoria’s very first outdoor Bootcamp program. What started as a little outdoor program with one trainer evolved into a mass following of hard working Bootcampers who over the years have left their sweat and tears on every beach and park in Victoria! In 2005 came Baby Bootcamp, the first outdoor program for new mom's to get back into shape with their babies in tow. Both programs are in full swing to this day.

Here are just a few of our Success Stories:

  • Amber Chatlain - 8wk Small Group Training  January 2013 

    Amber holding a 35lb weight - the same amount of weight she has lost with all her hard work!
  • Cathie Achtem - Studio classes & Bootcamp November 2012  

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the trainers. In the past 16 months I have worked hard at indoor classes and outdoor Bootcamp and have lost 8 lbs, but better still 12.5 % body fat. Looking at the numbers it does not really seem all that significant; however, my outlook on life has improved drastically since working out with you wonderful people.

    When I exit a class and say "thanks" it definitely comes from the bottom of my heart. I know for sure that whenever I leave BDHQ I feel better than when I arrived. Your classes always make me feel good and better about myself.
    Just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate your hard work and I wanted you to know that you are really good at what you do and it means a lot to me.

  • Emily Dickson - Biggest Winner July 2012

    Emily is down 65 pounds!  Read her story here.
  • Dugald Smith - Outdoor Bootcamp August 2012
  • JIM new
  • ELIZ
  • Molly Patton    January 2012 - Biggest Winner Program

    Read Molly's story here.
  • Melissa Cook - May 2012 Outdoor Bootcamp

    Melissa has gone from 185 pounds to 147 since starting Bootcamp.  38 pounds lost from exercise and clean eating.  Nice work Cook!!
  • Jessica Grant - 3 month check in...BDHQ-over Winner

    Read Jessica's story here.
  • Jacquelin Green - 3 month check in...BDHQ-over Winner

    Read Jacquelin's story here.
  • John Waller - 3 month check in...BDHQ-over Winner

    Read John's story here.
  • Lisa Marshall    January 2012 - Biggest Winner Program  

    The Biggest Winner program seemed the first program I could feel safe enough to venture into. I met with Michele and Lovisa and they were welcoming but also matter-of-fact. Funnily enough, it was this matter-of-factness that was most comforting, because it implied that my extreme lack of knowledge and poor fitness level were not barriers to the program. And they weren’t. I never felt stupid or that I stood out in the group. Everyone took me under their wing, and would pass along helpful hints as I navigated the new and unknown world of exercise. My confidence grew as my abilities changed. I began to go for hikes, or ride a bike, or kayak – things I had never done before or ever dreamed I would WANT to do – and the BWs were there for that too, arranging outings in their own time and welcoming all who wished to attend. More than fifty pounds later I am nearer to my goal weight, but have achieved much more than that. I have strength, stamina, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. I sleep better, eat healthier, and enjoy my life so much more than I had been for years. I am so glad I found the Biggest Winners program, as it gave me the entry point into this new world, something I doubt I ever would have been brave enough to do alone. I feel the trainers really care about me and are willing to go out of their way to help me in this process. Thank you, BDHQ!
  • Gill Fehr    July 2011 - Studio classes

    "I went from having major fat back, like serious back cleavage, in my wedding dress (wedding is 5 weeks away) to zipping it up no problem last night!! Thank you all for kicking my butt right into a size 8!!!  Thanks to your classes I am down 60lbs and countless inches :)"
  • Debby Boyes    June 2011 - Biggest Winner program

    "Who would have thought I would hit the big 6-0 and celebrate with a new found desire for fitness, a loss of 55 pounds and countless inches?!!  NOT me.  The first months in Biggest Winner, I was sure I would cave and give up on what seemed like failed attempts to do even one full sit-up or push-up, to run a block or to woman up yet another set of stairs.  Because of each little improved result in the gym, lots of great support from BDHQ staff and BWs and participation in many more leisure activities over this past year, I am priviledged and grateful to feel so much healthier, happier and lighter! Doing IS believing!  Here's to doing another year.  Thanks BDHQ!"
  • Brianna Westhaver    May 2011 - Biggest Winner program

    Brianna is down 182 POUNDS to date!

    I started in the Biggest Winners program in July 2010 after already losing about 100 lbs on my own. As a person who had always hid from the world I was scared to death to join a group. I had successful lost 100 lbs with only online support but I knew I needed more help then I was willing to admit. The first day I walked through the door I was scared and overwhelmed but I was made to feel welcome and part of a team. Over the last year and a half I have lost another 84 lbs thanks to the support of everyone in the group. But for me, the weight loss is not what I think of when I think of this program, I think of how the program has given me the confidence to be a stronger person, to stand up for what I believe in , to ask for what I need and want and to not be afraid to do so. Obviously people commented on the weight loss, but what I remember most is how people comment on how much happier and alive I look, and that is how I feel. I truly believe that the Biggest Winners program enabled me to get there and this is why I am such an advocate for this program, or any program for that matter, at BDHQ. BDHQ cares about their client’s success and along with numerous other success stories I am a prime example of that. Thank you for all you do for your clients.
  • Multivista Corp    January 2011 - Corporate Training

    “You look fat.”

    The statement was delivered to me with a bluntness that only a lifelong friend and business partner could get away with.  “We’ve gotta do something about this or we’re gonna have heart attacks before we’re 40.  Look at Ryan.  He’s only been here a month and he’s already put on 20 pounds.”  “Speak for yourself.  I still get out surfing and mountain biking.  I’m in not bad shape,” I replied, saying it but not really feeling it.  Truth be told, my most recent attempts at any of the outdoor pursuits I’d always enjoyed were marked by pain, exhaustion and all around feebleness.  Long hours spent in airplanes and in front of the computer were driving our business forward, but were not making for healthy people.  With the stinging truth of my colleague’s observation still making my ears burn, I made up my mind to do something about it.  

    My wife had been going to BDHQ for a while and assured me that ‘guys go there too’.  And so our workplace fitness adventure began, fuelled partly by the taunts of our CEO as he pointed out the painful truth, and partly by a genuine desire to improve our health.  

    Michele Shorter of BDHQ struck a deal with us whereby we would bring our entire office to BDHQ for a lunch hour corporate boot-camp for two sessions each week.  That was some two years ago now, and ‘gym class’ has since become an integral part of our corporate culture.  I‘m sure the financial ROI is there due to the fewer sick days, better focus and reduced absenteeism associated with having a healthier workforce.  But for me, it’s really about the intangible benefits of having employees who are happier, who like that we do something together other than talking about work all the time, and who are ultimately more enjoyable to work with because they appreciate us investing not just in their brains but in their overall well-being.

    On a personal level my fitness level has improved to the point where I can go out and do the things I like to do, at a reasonably active level without a constant threat of injury.  The best training for surfing, skiing, mountain biking or whatever your chosen pursuit is will always be to go out and do that pursuit 7 days a week.  But for most of us with limited time due to work, family and other obligations the training you get at BDHQ is a pretty close second.

    Graham Twigg
    Chief Technical Officer
    Multivista Construction Documentation Inc.
  • Kaitlyn Charlie    January 2011 - Studio Classes

    1 year = 50lbs lost!
    Thanks for the support from everyone at BDHQ!
    Kaitlyn Charlie
  • Michelle Twigg    December 2010 - Studio Classes
  • Claire Kaufman    October 2010 - Biggest Winner program

    Claire just completed her first half marathon last week!  We are so proud of how far she has come and how far we know she will continue to go.
  • Nicki Reich    October 2010 - Biggest Winner program

    In January 2009, I saw a picture of myself from a friend’s New Year’s Eve party and I didn’t even recognize myself. I knew my weight was at an all-time high (199lbs on a less than 5 feet frame). I knew I had been isolating myself because I was embarrassed by my appearance. I knew I had no pictures of me with my 18 month old son because I avoided the camera. But it was that photo that forced me to admit that I needed to change my life. I was finally tired of being overweight and I joined BDHQ’s Biggest Winner program. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have never felt judged or intimidated here. The trainers are so invested in our journey. They see our success before we know it is possible. With their help, I went from running a block at a time to running a half marathon in 9 months and a year later, a full marathon. I have reached milestones on the scale and in the gym, but this program has changed so much more than the numbers. I have become part of a group of inspirational women (and a few outstanding men) who motivate, push, support, cheerlead and encourage each other through every struggle and success. BDHQ has become my second family and my home away from home. I am so proud my accomplishments and even more proud to be a member of Biggest Winners!
    ~ Nicki
  • Sherry McKay    October 2010 - Biggest Winner program

    Down 130 pounds and still going!  
    Let Sherry tell you herself how the Biggest Winner program has worked for her.
  • Nisha Bathe    August 2010 - 8 Week Personal Training promo

    I started working out at BDHQ on August 10, 2009 (9 months after I had my baby).  I was still 20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight and I had just about had enough! I searched the internet for bootcamps, thinking that would be somewhere to start, and I ended up at the BDHQ website.  I went in for a consult and ended up having my first workout session that day with Lovisa. For 3 months I worked out 3 days a week, doing 1 hour personal training sessions.  I lost 15 lbs by mid October - then I took a bit of a break and did some travelling before I returned to work after my maternity leave.  On December 10, 2009, I signed up for the 8 week personal training Promo (4 x 30 min sessions and week along with 1 class).  Whoever would have thought that I would be at the gym at 6:30 am twice a week?  I even worked out on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day! By February 2010 I had lost another 6 lbs.  Now I have lost a total of 28 lbs - I weigh even less than I did before I had my baby - 10 lbs less!  Thanks to those at BDHQ that have helped me along this fabulous journey!

    *UPDATE - March 20, 2012 - Nisha is still going strong after having her 2nd baby last August 2011.  She is back in pre-pregnancy weight again.  Nice work Nisha!
  • Mike Strangeway   July 2010 - personal training and studio classes
  • Trish Chan   June 2010 - Outdoor Bootcamp and studio classes
    Two years ago, my friend and I were both lamenting the fact that we needed to lose weight and get in shape.  We had both considered trying a bootcamp but didn't know much about any of them.  After some research and some positive word-of-mouth reviews, we decided on BDHQ.  The first class was at Cedar Hill Rec. Center.  I looked at some of the other regular bootcampers and thought there was no way I could ever be in as good of shape as they were.  I wore exercise pants and large long t-shirts, attempting to somehow cover up several years of babies, eating too much and no regular exercise.  I weighed 143 pounds and I'm only an inch over five feet!  My body fat was 34%, well above the "ideal".  When the trainer said we were going to run the Cedar Hill loop I almost ran straight back to my car!  However, I had paid my money and I was going to DO this!

    I dutifully filled in whatever I ate in the book, and made sure I got out to three bootcamps per week.  The first month was pretty painful and humbling.   I recall one bootcamp at Mount Doug where I thought it was quite possible I was going to throw up halfway up the mountain and I wasn't even running!   I could only do three push ups and the idea of doing 100 bicycles was laughable.  After only a month I dropped a few pounds and started to think maybe there was some hope.  Within three months I was down 10 pounds - amazing!  It is now two years later.  I have dropped 30 pounds, my body fat is 18% and I can run faster and longer than ever, I can do 30 push ups on my toes without stopping and 100 bicycles is completely within my grasp!   Could I have done this on my own?  Not a chance!  It was the fantastic support, guidance and encouragement from the trainers that made this happen.  I know it's not in my nature to push myself as hard as Michele and everyone pushed me.  They had confidence that I could do it and that made all the difference.  I will be forever grateful to every one of the trainers who has helped me on this journey.  I'm not stopping any time soon!  I plan to be Bootcamping for many years to come!
  • Kristen Sands    January 2010 - Biggest Winner program

    Take my word for it; Kristen has lost wayyyy more weight since this after pic was taken!

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