Bullet Proof 2.0

Bullet Proof 2.0

Bullet Proof 2.0 - 8 week Registered Program
Tuesday / Thursday, 4 - 5pm
April 4th to May 25th

$129 + tax for members, $159 + tax for non-members 

Results don’t come from just one session. They come from an accumulation of sessions over 8 weeks. The goal of Bullet Proof 2.0 is not to have you flat on your ass at the end of each session. The goal is to have you feeling energized and invigorated. The goal is to make you proficient in all movements and lifts. To become stronger each week. Even if you don’t care about numbers, you will build an engine that will turn you into a fat burning machine.

Early sessions will revolve around mastering movements. Those movements will be applied to each session by adding ever increasing loads to increase strength (which does not mean size). Each session will finish by changing up the energy system and focusing on work capacity. The combination of strength and work capacity is what makes Bullet Proof 2.0 unique, and will turn you in to a lean mean fat burning machine.

This course is for anyone. The intensity will be controlled by how much each individual can lift. Great for beginners to focus on mastering the basic movements: squat, hinge, push, pull, twist, locomotion, rolling patterns, crawling/primal movements, loaded carries. If you're already a master at these movements, great! You're still going to get a killer workout. 

REGISTER: Non-members online in Mindbody, by phone at 250-370-9983 or in person. Annual members need to contact us to boost their April and May payments to $129. Spots will go fast!



Dr. Jaritt Ptolemy DC, H.BKin, CSCS

Jaritt is designated as a chiropractor and strength and conditioning specialist, but likens himself to be more of a physical preparation therapist and coach. New to Victoria, Jaritt spent the past seven years practicing in Toronto’s largest and busiest fitness facility. With a keen interest in performance and a strength and conditioning background, he built a practice and niche for himself by helping people recover without missing a beat in their workout routine. Jaritt is a stickler for form and technique, because when poor form is combined with the repetitiveness of exercise, not only is one not operating at full potential, it drastically increases susceptibility to injury and re-injury. Jaritt is a former collegiate level sprinter. He worked with two national level teams and travels the country teaching personal trainers and other health care providers how to functionally assess clients, and how to incorporate that into their clients exercise programming and care.


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